Hangar Door

Hangar Door

Hangar door hereby is referring to the specially designed large, super large door for various hangars.

According to the different type, there are sliding hangar doors, fabric lifting hangar doors, round-the-corner hangar doors, and movable column hangar doors, etc. The sliding hangar door is the type being used the most widely.

The hangar door could be controlled both locally and centrally (when there are multiple leaves). The BT201 DTS control system has touch screen control, could easily and visiblely control and monitor the moving status of the door, and also could detect the failure and alarm automatically, which is on the top domestic standard.

The design height of the hangar door could reach 70 meters, the height of fabric lifting hangar door could even reach 100 meters. The width design range could be extended upon the request of the customer.


Product Origin:Shenyang, China  
Model Number: H007  
Brand Name: Baotong  

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