Multi-Section Vertical Lifting Doors

Multi-Section Vertical Lifting Doors

 Brief Introduction

The door is built up by multiple door panels and balanced by counter weight. Suitable for frequent use and bad working condition under which maintenance is not convenient. The door panel is strong and good at withstanding impacting, which guarantee the safety and reliability. Available control method include manual, electrical and remote control.




The door comprises six parts: 1?door body?2?rail system?3?balancing system?4?sealing system?5?door opener?6?transmission system

The main body of the door is built up by several door panels, the most common types are 2-panel guillotine door and 3-panel guillotine door.


Moving Method:


The door panels move with different speeds during the same time and reach the open/close position simultaneously.




Guillotine type vertical lifting door coated with color steel panel


Guillotine type vertical lifting door coated with aluminum plastic composite panel


The side rails are in good carbon structure steels.

Sealing system: special EPDM rubber




Open speed: 0.15 ~ 0.25m/s

(transducer could be applied, Max. speed 0.65m/s)

Temperature: - 47 centigrade - +41 centigrade

Thickness:  50-300mm     

Wind resistance: 400-900N/m²

Motor and reducer: US CHAMBERLAIN “Liftmaster” series of products

Protection grade of the motor: IP54

Protection grade of the control cabinet: IP54

Power: 2 phase, 220V

Control voltage: 24V

Infrared protection system in the both sides of the door

Bircher airbag protection system in the bottom, the door will lift automatically once the airbag is pressed during closing.

Safety lock on the door panel, which could avoid accident of falling off.



Product Origin: China
Model Number:  
Brand Name: Baotong

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