Horizontal Bi-folding Doors

Horizontal Bi-folding Doors

 Brief Introduction


There are 4 folding leaves and open to each side separately. The door comprises six parts:

Door body, i.e. the door panel

Guiding system, include top guide and bottom guide

Sealing system

Hardware, include handle, latch, and hinge, etc.

Driving and transmission systems

Control system


The last 2 systems only exist in the electrical doors but not in the manual doors.

 Configuration and Work Principle


The door is built up by 4 panels, 2 on each side which connected by hinges. On the close position, the 4 panels are on the same plane, during opening, the 2 panels on each side move together until reach the 90 degree position, at this time the 2 panels close into together.



Door Panel

The door panel is built up by steel structure and surface coating board. The steel structure is built up by welding from rectangular tubes.


There are various options on the shape and color of surface coating panels upon request. The color steel board is excellent in anti-corrosion performance, and could be free from maintenance for 20 years.


The door panel is coated with coating board both outside and inside, and filled with heat insulating material such as fiber glass, mineral wool or polyurethane foam, etc.


Various daylighting material options include glass, toughened glass, polycarbonate multi-wall sheet, polycarbonate compact sheet, etc. are upon request,


Guide device   

The top track is welded up by rectangular tubes or channel steels, the bottom track is built up by steel angles and special U shape steels which concreted into the ground, with good rigidity and high strength.


Sealing system

Sealing systems will be installed under the bottom, on the top, at the side of the door and also between the 2 door leaves each side. Sealing material is high quality EPDM rubber, various shape options could be chose to give effective heat reservation, dust-proof, water proof, and sound insulation.



Generally the hardware will be steel products. Some components on big doors will be specially fabricated by Baotong, which is reliable in performance and good in appearance.


Driving, transmission and control systems


Door opener will be imported high quality product such as Italy FAAC brand, which could guarantee the safety and reliability. The control of the door could be made from switch/control cabinet on the wall, or from remote control. Centre control could be achieved for multi-application. The control options could be combined upon request.


Extra protection device include infrared protection device, earth coil, and pressure sensitive protection, etc. are upon request.


Door Opening for the Folding Door

Request on the opening:


When the door will be installed outside the opening, the left, right room and the top room should be on the same plane, and with flat surface which free from any obstacles.


Measure of the opening


Installation condition




The wall around the opening should be firm and flat, to provide rigidity fixing point.



The ground should be flat during installation.


Measure of the opening size


If the folding door will be installed inside the opening, the width (B) and the height (H) should be measured carefully. The height should be measured from the both sides of the opening in case the two top corners of the opening is not on the same level.



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