Sliding Hangar Doors

Sliding Hangar Doors

Brief Introduction


Bottom bearing, top guide

Single track/ Twin track/ Multiple track depend on the situation, the door could be double leaves/ multiple leaves.

One side/ bilateral moving; with/without door pocket; independent/jointly move

Control method: BT 201 distributed control system (DCS). Touch screen control could be applied.

Overposition protection and safety protection devices to prevent collision between door leaves.




Four leaves, double track, no door pocket

Six leaves, 3 tracks, no door pocket

Eight leaves, four tracks, no door pocket

Two leaves, double tracks, no door pocket

Three leaves, three tracks, no door pocket

Four leaves, four tracks, no door pocket

Multiple leaves, multiple tracks, move to the twn sides, jointly move

Multiple leaves, multiple tracks, bilateral move, jointly move

Multiple leaves, multiple tracks, bilateral move, jointly move



Door structure, claddings, bottom tracks, bottom wheels, top guides, sealing system, driving system, transmission system, electrical control system and safety device.


Design Description

Design of sliding hangar door mainly include:

Steel structure design

Cladding design

Bottom track and bottom wheel design

Electrical selection and the motor



Sealing system

Control system

Safety system

Top guide




Detail description:

Steel Structure Design

Steel structure design should satisfy the state load code.

After model is set up, strength and rigidity analysis would be done, to ensure the deflection, force and stability would satisfy the requirement under the worst condition.

The design software of Jewers is developed according to the hangar door working principle, various loads, and the various codes of each country. It takes the cladding and dynamic loads into consideration, could give the force, deflection of each node and check the design according to the code of each country.



The outer surface could be spray painted steel sheet, color steel sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum composite board.

Currently the daylighting material could be Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastics, PC (polycarbonate) compact sheet, PC multi-wall sheet, and glass.


Bottom Tracks and Bottom Wheels


Bottom tracks will be light rail or heavy rail, depend on the detail design. The height is flush with the ground level. There are trace heating and drainage designs. Kerb angles will be installed along the sides of the tracks. The track centre is 400-800 mm. There are composite rubber packers under the track.

Tread fatigue strength check: Pc<K1DLC1C2









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