Hinged Door

Hinged door mainly includes four parts as below:

Steel structure

Middle and surrounding frame is mainly built up by No.10 channel steels which are welded together. Appropriate measure will be taken to control the welding deformation of steel structure and ensure the size precision and flatness.

Decoration coating

Steel structure will be covered with PVDF painting. Anti-corrosion processing will be the same with that applied on the steel structure.

Outer steel sheet will be 4mm thick steel sheet with good rigidity. The outer steel sheet will be connected with the steel structure by plug welding.

Sealing system

Top and bottom sealing and the sealing between the door panels shall be made from fiber reinforced EPDM which are free from crack and breach due to long time folding.

Control system

Main control parts include local switch box, loop coil, and photo sensors. Logic control is made by PLC. Export driving parts include frequency inverter, motor and hydraulic driving system.

Product Origin: shenyang
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Brand Name: baotong

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