Fabric Lifting Hangar Door


General Information
The lift door is a kind of door made of soft fabric which is divided into two layers. The connections between the fabric are aluminum made crossbeam. The door lifts vertically with the motive guide track, which can be used in the conditions where the top beam of opening has different layers and not in the same line. This door is installed inside of the opening and not takes up the space inside and outside. The door fabric cloth will move first when the door open and will be stacked above the opening head. Then the motive guide tracks turn and position under the cloth. When it closed, the guide will pack first, and then the cloth drop until to the end.
The top bearing beam should be connected to the roof truss as a whole structure, with the hanging point, hoisting winch, fixing pulley, hanging beam on it and also bearing the weight of door.
Steel structure guides and sealing members shall be installed on the jambs. The door consist by horizontal structure, bottom beam (truss structure), high strength double layers of PVC polyester fabric door surface and the guide wheels which free of maintenance.
Maintenance-free guide wheels will be installed on the both ends of horizontal structure (one set on each end) and the bottom beam (two sets on each end). High strength door surface will be fixed to the ribs and bottom beam by the aluminum strips and the self-tapping screws.
Steel wire rope for door lifting will be fixed on the bottom beam, but not fixed to the horizontal beams.
When the door closed, the weight of horizontal structure and the accessories will be transferred to the bearing beam through the high strength door surface. When the door opening (lifting), the weight of bottom beam, horizontal structure and the accessories will be carried by the steel wire ropes beside the door, and transferred to the bearing horizontal beam through hoisting device.
Opening/closing of the door will be achieved from push buttons. Releasing the push button during opening/closing will stop the door immediately. The fabric door move smoothly during lifting/lowering and audible and visible alarm for door opening/closing is available. Anti-dropping mechanical locking device will be arranged (activated by sudden broken steel wire rope). The fabric on two sides are in one piece separately with no seam so which could guarantee air tight. Air channel on the side aluminium guides and bottom seals could satisfy the heat reservation and damp proof need. The door fabric could resist the impact of any steel grit come from shot-blasting. There is no bottom track which is convenient for in & out of materials and also free of problem of keeping cleaning the steel grit from bottom tracks.

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