Round- the-corner Door


Outer face: color steel polyester sandwich panel, the outer and inner panels shall be 0.5mm thick color steel sheets with 50mm polyurethane insulation panel in the middle.
Door structure: The channel of leaf shall be 4mm thick steel sheet. Theres strengthen square tube inside the door leaf. Both the guide and the bottom track shall be steel section.
Door operation: The door can be operated manually and automatically. The speed is 10m/min. A special clutch is installed to the deceleration motor. First open the clutch to disengage from the brake motor and transmission structure to decrease resistance during manual operation. When power off, the door can be opened/closed manually.
The door can move normally and safely, when the wind speed is 24m/s. Independent control and centralized control will be combined to use. There’s also mutual-local function. Each leaf can move independently, and two leaves can also open at the same time. Normal limitation and ultimate limitation shall be adopted. Mechanical limitation device and mechanical anti-collision device, which is made of polyurethane elastic material, are also provided.  
Bottom track: High quality rail is adopted to bear door weight and wind load. Top rollers are designed to bear the wind load. Bottom track are flushed with the ground. Kerb angels are used to protect the edges of the track.
Safety system: Flash and bell alarm system is installed and will be in operation all the times during the door movement. The system will be activated 5s before the door moves.
Sealing system: Reliable sealing is applied to the door leaves, between middle sealing, sides of leaves and the wall, between the top of leaf and the wall, between the middle leaf and the ground.
Drive system: Both the motor and deceleration are German SEW products. The deceleration is K series products with high transmission efficiency. Brake and manual-release device are used to confirm stop position of door. Insulation rate of motor is F and the protective grade is IP54.
Drive and transmission mode: Directly connect the motor, deceleration and d

Product Origin: Shenyang, China
Model Number: H012
Brand Name: Baotong

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